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Ottawa Society of Botanical Artists

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Kerri's Coloured pencils

Photo: ©Kerri Weller

What we do

OSBA seeks to expand member and community engagement in contemporary botanical art through our exhibitions, activities and outreach locally and farther afield.

Our diverse membership ranges from botanical art enthusiasts, to novice and internationally recognized botanical artists residing within a 250 km radius of Ottawa.

Member benefits

OSBA meets regularly for fellowship and to enjoy presentations on topics related to botanical art. Through our activities we strive to facilitate a friendly, supportive approach that is welcoming to artists - beginner to advanced, and to botanical art enthusiasts who love both plants and art.  

OSBA offers workshops, skill-sharing and presentations throughout the calendar year, both in person and in online sessions.

Members meet to enjoy sketch groups, botanical research projects and outings to botanical gardens and museums.

There are opportunities to exhibit artwork both online and in physical galleries.  

What our members say


To be part of a group that loved botanical art and provided opportunities to learn and create art together. Kim Hodges

To share our art work, to get inspiration, ideas and techniques from each other ... to participate in joint art exhibitions. Jan Salmon

To learn more about botanical art through guest speakers, workshops and meeting other members. Elaine Huestis

To become part of a group that was actively creating botanical art. I had always admired botanical art and wanted to learn more about it. Peg Duncan.

Kerri's Watercolour brushes

Photo: ©Kerri Weller

How to join

If you are interested in becoming a member of OSBA or attending a meeting as our guest, please contact us at osbaottawa@gmail.com.

Membership is open to those living within a 250 km radius of Ottawa and who subscribe to OSBA's vision; to nurture botanical art and artists with our region through education, exhibitions, activities and fellowship.

Membership fees are $40 per year, January to December, payable by etransfer to osbaottawa@gmail.com or by cheque payable to the Ottawa Society of Botanical Artists.

As a volunteer-run society our response time can be up to 7 days.

Ottawa Society of Botanical Artists
Ottawa, Ontario Canada



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