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OSBAlogo acronym

Ottawa Society of Botanical Artists


ART is an ongoing process

of exploration, creativity, technical skill

& knowledge.

Member Meetings  

Member meetings and guest speaker presentations are regularly held on the 2nd Monday in April,  June, September and November.


Photo: ©Blaine Marchand

November 14, 2022

Blaine Marchand  


Blaine is the Garden Director for Friends of the Central Experimental  Farm. He is a peony expert, a poet and a writer. Blaine's presentation centres on the botanical illustrators who worked at the Central Experimental Farm documenting various horticultural species over the past century.  It includes historical information and examples of their illustrations.

OSBA artists have joined together again to produce a new calendar - this time for 2023. The gallery of artwork for the calendar can be found here.

The Calendar Project 2023

OSBA members like to get together weekly to sketch in gardens around the National Capital Region.

In the fall of 2020, as the pandemic and colder weather restricted outings to our own backyards, the group began to meet and share their sketches over social media.

The group continues in 2022, and looks forward to meeting in person as the weather warms.

Sketch POD


Ivy| Linda Hamiltons

Several member artists enjoy studying the botanical history and botany of their subjects and share these fascinating details with the membership. The project continues in 2022 with presentations on new plants.

Here is a sampling of their reports from 2021:

Research Project




Prickly Wild Rose  | Peg Duncan

Featured Artist

OSBA Member Exhibit

Linda Hamilton, Paper, Paint & Patterns at the The Mill of Kintail MuseumJuly 1 -31, 2022

A different take on botanical art: Exquisitely crafted and botanically accurate, Linda's artworks featured wildflowers of the Ottawa region, highlighting the beauty of our local flora. Her subjects were chosen and inspired by the museum's 1930's collection of rughooking designs and hooked mats resulting in an interesting exhibit collaboration between artist and museum. A picnic lunch afterwards by attendees rounded out a delightful summer day.